The World is in Pain – The Ekklessia is the Answer! Read this Edification From Ed Silvoso

Greetings! The mass-shooting tragedies in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas, in the last two weeks have highlighted the utter spiritual darkness that has descended upon the Earth as a further manifestation of the “Evil Day” Paul talked about in Ephesians 6 that we find ourselves in now.In the natural, political debate over gun laws, police response, and mental health intervention will take center stage as leaders come under increased pressure to “do something.” This can have some intermediate effect, but is also akin to treating the symptoms after they’ve ravaged a victim rather than healing the root problem.As followers of Christ, we know that there’s a spiritual component to every human atrocity, whereby damaged or mentally ill individuals open themselves, wittingly or unwittingly, to demonic influences that encourage them to act on their most destructive impulses. The result is physical, spiritual and soul death typified by the sort of unspeakable carnage that has been filling our news feeds recently.Is there anything we can do to turn the tide? I believe so, and it involves the Church rising to help usher in the Divine intervention that follows every Evil Day.After a tragedy, believers already do an excellent job of ministering to the afflicted and donating generously to care for the orphaned and widowed. The key now is for us to apply similar energy into changing how we, the Ekklesia, transform the spiritual climate of our cities before such calamities continue to happen by adopting our neighborhoods in regular prayer.When Jesus instructed us to disciple nations, it was, in part, with the goal of defeating the forces of darkness that harass troubled souls in every place. The Ekklesia is custom-made for this purpose. Why? Because it’s the only institution with a branch in every neighborhood and a member on every street.If you need proof of the efficacy of proactively praying over your neighborhood,  please view this short testimony that illustrates vividly how such prayers can make the difference between life and death.Our goal is to establish one million new, praying Ekklesias all over the world as a catalyst to shift the climate. You can join the effort by getting fresh inspiration every day at the Ekklesia Everywhere page and Facebook group, which will equip you to usher God’s transformation into your area and thus frustrate the enemy’s schemes against our nations. It happened before in Luke chapter 10, when Jesus sent out the 70, who returned to report that demons were subject to them in His name, and Jesus confirmed that He saw satan fall from Heaven like lightning. It can and must happen again.Our children and the generations to come hang in the balance, so let us discard hopelessness and answer the call to partner with God for their futures.The time is now. Let us arise and build.God’s richest blessings upon you and your loved ones.