We have entered our 29th year in 2024. Reflecting back on the years of our existence, we knew faith would be the key to our success.  Praise God, He has been faithful which has allowed us to remain on the air and as a result we can marvel how good God is!

We continue operating the following translators; W249CA in Bangor (97.7), W292EQ in Lehigh Township (106.3 FM) and W293CP in Kutztown (106.5 FM), and Spanish broadcasting on W221CU in Allentown (92.1 FM}. All are licensed by the FCC. 97.7 is on the air in Bangor and 106.3FM is on the air in Lehigh Twp. and 106.5 FM in Kutztown. You can also follow us online (worldwide) by clicking on the “Listen Live” button shown, or simply go to wjcs.org in your browser.

When we began broadcasting in August 1995, it was a journey of faith.  We trusted God to provide and He did, just as He promises. Since we are now located on several towers that are privately owned, we are required to pay monthly rental fees.  We again are trusting the Lord to provide the additional funds, since tower space is costly.

In order to help us provide better service, please drop us a note, or email or call and let us know which is the main frequency that you listen to WJCS on. Also, what is the principal area where you listen.  This will help us in our planning opportunities for future expansion.

For questions, please call or e-mail us at: wjcsradio@gmail.com or (610) 791-7262

We look forward to another year where we can again serve the Lord and strive to be good stewards of that which He provides. Our focus is not on finances, but on bringing the Great News of Jesus Christ to the Lehigh Valley and beyond!