Amazing Report of TOW Ministry Trip to Argentina and God’s Results!!

Ruth and I have just flown back from our native Argentina, where we had an absolutely phenomenal time training leaders in three places: the Captiol, Buenos Aires; my hometown of San Nicolas, and in Rosario, the cultural hub of the nation that is also the birthplace of notable people such as Che Guevara and Lionel Messi.We came to build on our trip here earlier this year, when we imparted Ekklesia principles to pulpit and marketplace leaders, and took them deeper with testimonies and new insights.In Buenos Aires, we laid down a beachhead for transformation. This is significant because the city, despite having more resources that the provinces, has been rather inward-looking in terms of not caring as much as it should about the rest of the nation. To see the leaders acknowledge this and to experience compassion was very heartening.In San Nicolas, we held a seminar in the same hotel that Ruth and I had our wedding reception in 1968. To return 55 years later and experience a mass of young leaders hungry to learn how to take Christ’s presence and power outside their four walls was a “dream anniversary” made in Heaven.As a result, we expect at least 1,000 and up to 3,000 people to take the Spanish-language Excelerator!Then, in perhaps a sign from Heaven, one of the participants, a marketplace leader, had the opportunity to pray with Argentina’s new President, Javier Milei, and his female companion, Fatima Flores, for Christ’s presence and power to come into their administration and household. What a kairos moment this was just days before he was inaugurated! See link to video.To cement everything, we went to Rosario, did multiple sessions and issued an invitation to come together once again on May 1-4, 2024 to do the actual exercise of blessing the city through prayer fairs and doing prayer evangelism in its marketplace to welcome Christ’s presence. Every single pastor said “Yes! We will do it!” Ruth and I were overjoyed. This will punch holes in the darkness, and most important, it will be broadcasted to the entire nation to trigger similar outreaches in other cities, too.An extra delight came when Ruth and I were invited to be interviewed on the largest Christian Spanish-language television network, Canal Luz, to be profiled as pioneers of faith. This gave us a powerful platform to tell the viewing audience that them being the Ekklesia 24/7/365 is what will make the difference in their communities.As a final cherry on top. The day we departed, Sunday 10th, was inauguration day. The new President was sworn in and gave a balanced and sobering speech (he is not known for circumspection), but he closed by invoking a blessing over the nation and finished with, “I don’t fear failure because of the Power from above that I’m counting on.” Amen!As 2023 draws to a close, we respectfully and enthusiastically ask for your support to continue this work. Although our bodies grow weary, we have the Caleb anointing that allows us to go for the higher hill that’s still ahead. He provides for us through precious saints like yourself, so we ask you from our hearts to please click here to make your year-end investment.Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support. We could not do this without you! ‌  ‌
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