National Day of Prayer Live Broadcast From Washington, DC May 6th 8-10 PM

The National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 6, and 2021 marks the 70th anniversary of President Truman’s call to prayer for the nation.  On that evening, from 8 p.m.-9:59 p.m. ET, veteran Christian radio host Wayne Shepherd will host The National Day of Prayer Radio Broadcast, along with National Day of Prayer president Kathy Branzell, who will lead a limited, live gathering at The World Theater at The Museum of the Bible.Like Samuel summoning “all Israel” before the Lord at Mizpah (1 Sam. 7), Branzell and the organizers of National Day of Prayer ask every broadcaster to summon their audiences to join hands and unite the nation before God!The theme for 2021 is Love, Life and Liberty, stressing the goal of seeking God in prayer for revival and spiritual awakening across the United States. Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in Washington, D.C., this year’s broadcast will feature remote locations in different parts of the country. The expected participants include: Sam BrownbackTony EvansWill Ford and Matt LockettRonnie FloydRobby GallatyJack GrahamGreg LaurieAnne GrahamLotzNan StevensShane and Shane (accompanied by the Prestonwood choir and a gospel choir). The National Day of Prayer Broadcast will also feature testimonies from the streets of Minneapolis.  It will be a powerful night of prayer and inspiration!